Tuesday, October 11, 2016


What a stunning autumn we are having. We had great summer, and the good weather has carried on through September and well into October. Though a bit crisp this morning, there was stunning sunrise and the sun shone throughout the day. Not hot, obviously, but a comfortable 16C.

The Gorse Fox had a couple of hours of football. Not really a classic as our goalkeeper twice rolled the ball to the feet of an opponent and was beaten by the return ball. It was fun though. As The Gorse Fox kept reminding him - we only play for fun - it really doesn't matter. In the second hour the games finished all square so the ref decided we should have a penalty shoot-out. Unfortunately, The Gorse Fox was in goal at the time (he usually takes his turn for one game). With great skill and athleticism he faced each of the 5 penalties. Leaping to his left, the ball went to his right. Diving to his right, the ball went to his left. Guessing right and diving right he dived right over the ball... and so it continued. He missed every one of the 5 shots and we lost. Pah!

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