Sunday, July 03, 2016

Warm up

The weather seems to be warming up again today. The gusty winds of yesterday have blown themselves out and we have a lovely blue sky punctuated with puffs of white cloud.

The morning's football was fun. A good 6-a-side game in the indoor arena. These games are always helped by the fact that the game is non-stop - there are no throw-ins or goal kicks; the ball can be played off the boards and it keeps the game flowing. The other team had a couple of youngsters (early 50s and his son-in-law) so it was going to be hard. They were both quick and skilful. Despite that, we managed to hold things at bay, and with the help of 3 goals from the Gorse Fox we ended up with a creditable 9-9 draw. This was a good warm-up for tomorrow's tournament.

Back home the Silver Vixen was arranging for us to meet up with the Gorse Fox's sister and Trev. This looks like another trip to Chiddingfold to try the delicacies that are on offer at one of the village's fine eating establishments.

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