Friday, July 15, 2016


The Gorse Fox had a successful morning. He set out to determine how best to install a USB drive on the test Raspberry Pi "tawnyowl". It took a bit of rooting around but he found one set of instructions for setting up and formatting the drive, then another set for moving the "/var" filesystem across.
Cautiously he went through the steps and carefully documented them as he went. It worked first time - not a hitch.

Amazon delivered a new 64GB USB drive at lunchtime. The Gorse Fox duly unpacked it and inserted it into the production system "peregrine". He followed the instructions, so carefully written down, to the letter. He rebooted. Nothing. Nada. He cannot access "peregrine".

Oh well - what a good job he has so many backups. He can feel a rebuild coming on.

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