Monday, July 25, 2016

Coding again

The Gorse Fox has spent some of the day coding, again.

He used to use Flickr quite a lot, but hasn't made any use of it for several years. His photos are now shared through Google Photos. This leaves an account with lost of photos - many of which are referenced in the blog. The Gorse Fox wanted to know the extent of the problem so wrote some code. There are 574 posts that reference Flickr. Now he needs to determine if he is going to do anything about it!

Oh yes. HMRC wrote to the Gorse Fox. It appears that the tax rebate that so thrilled him last year should not have been paid. Without going into details - it was partly Starlet's fault, partly the fault of HMRC and partly the fault of the Gorse Fox. It looks like the Gorse Fox has an unexpected tax bill.

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