Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wet, oh so wet

The storms that have ravaged the continent these last few days decided that they wanted a trip to Sussex. So it was that, just as the Gorse Fox left for football, the heavens opened and rain that would have startled Noah started to fall. Fortunately, the Gorse Fox had been forewarned and had brought suitable attire and a change of clothes.

The football went remarkable well. The usual 30-odd players were whittled down to 10 of the hardier sort. The Gorse Fox was on the winning side for all 5 matches. Indeed he scored several goals, two of which were commented on at the break.

The first goal was a mazy run from the halfway line with a cut inside to the edge of the area and a goal buried in the bottom corner. The comment for this likened the Gorse Fox to George Best (though Ricky Villa may have been more appropriate). The second was, again, a short burst followed by a drag-back with the right foot, switch to the left and then drill it. The comment for this was that Gorse Fox was just like Cruyf. Now, at first he was deeply flattered by these comparisons. Then he realised that both of these players are dead. "Precisely" said little Phil. Deflated.

Back home it was clear that the rain had not hit as hard, nor lasted as long. It was nice to get back and have a hot shower, though.

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