Tuesday, May 03, 2016


It has been a quiet day. The weather has been lovely, and this morning's football was great fun. Interesting to see that the first session was at its numerical limit, showing the increasing popularity of Walking Football. The Gorse Fox will skate over the results. Let's just say that in most games, his team came second. As usual, it was great fun.

Mid-afternoon we heard from Hillier's. They plan to deliver on Thursday, which will be great as the forecast for the end of the week and weekend is looking very promising.

The Gorse Fox had an online chat with Cousteau-Cub. We were debating whether it made sense to go and meet up with her and the Coventry Hobbit in Bali later in the year. The options are Bali, or perhaps a later trip to Thailand to see some other bits of the country that we haven't previously visited. The Gorse Fox is waiting to hear from his travel agent with some ideas and options. As it is a landmark birthday for Cousteau-Cub this year, it would be nice to see her.

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