Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Plant and paint

If its Tuesday it must be football. Well, one has to have a routine.

The Gorse Fox headed across to Worthing for today's two-hour session. Six games were played and the Gorse Fox, though playing well, only won one game. The problem that we have with these sessions is the pure randomness of the team makeup. This is the second or third week running that the Gorse Fox has been selected for a team with no strikers and no goalie. This makes things a little difficult. Oh well, the Gorse Fox did manage to score a goal make two further goals in the single match that we won.

Back home the Silver Vixen had started planting the tubs in the front of the house. They are looking good, though she does want to add some further plants that will give a bit more height. The Gorse Fox retrieved the paint pot and put a second coat on the "door" panel that he built for the little hanging planter. That should dry off nicely and just add a nice pastel shade of blue to the corner by the garage.

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