Monday, May 23, 2016

Garden Centre

Another lovely day with, initially, wall to wall blue skies. Fluffy clouds bubbled up later, but they only served to punctuate the deep blue.

Checking the overnight backups, everything still seems to be on track. The Gorse Fox triggered a backup of the music libraries to run during the morning whilst he was reviewing other files and folders and updating the PC. (It was the first time the PC had been switched on for months, so there was a huge Windows update to apply).

We went across to Haskins (at Roundstone) to look for the plants that the Silver Vixen had in mind for the tubs out the front. We had a wander about and somehow managed to find several other items that were needed. We now have an new Acer, some paint, some shears in addition to the cordylines for which we had been shopping.
Urban-Cub met up with us at the garden centre and once everything was paid for and stowed in the car we headed off to The Worlds End at Patcham.

We had a lovely lunch and chat, sitting outside to make the most of the weather.

Back home we spent a peaceful afternoon in the garden, listening to the water as it runs down into the rill.

The Gorse Fox concludes that he could really get used to this retirement lark.

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