Thursday, May 26, 2016


Lovely start to the day, if a little chilly. By the time the Gorse Fox had completed his ablutions, started to copy his photo folder, and done the weekly accounts, Ocado were at the door. This certainly is the most convenient way to shop!

We had commented, in the last few days, that what was missing from the garden was something to emphasise the pergola. Hanging baskets were the obvious choice, but the Silver Vixen wanted baskets filled with fuchsias. A trip round to Manor Nurseries was needed. This is a pretty unassuming Nursery, tucked off the main road from Chichester to Pagham, but once discovered is a bit of a treasure trove.

We took a look at the baskets they had for sale. None really caught the eye. The simple solution was to create our own. The Gorse Fox went searching for brackets whilst the Silver Vixen went searching for her fuchsias. Twenty minutes later we were paying the bill and heading home. A very successful trip, made more so by the discount the chap gave us as went to pay.

The baskets are now planted up and hanging on the pergola. It won't take long for it all to fill out and provide a riot of colour.

Now for a quiet afternoon before we go out to dinner with the Sonning Crew.

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