Saturday, May 21, 2016


Yes, yes, you have heard it all before. The Gorse Fox makes no apology. The flakey drive was just one part of his backup strategy. The new, replacement drive arrived early and triggered the Gorse Fox to review his network map and decide how best to introduce the new drive into the home network. A little bit of thought and some minor reconfiguring and renaming and the Gorse Fox had a nice new sensible map with a more coherent naming convention.

The old drives (including one that had given trouble about a year back) were moved into the loft and connected to the network switch up there. Then the new disk was installed and configured. The Mac was modified to pick up the new disks on startup and then the Gorse Fox started on the backup system.

Bit by bit new target folders were created and backups reconfigured. One by one they were run and got things back on an even keel. There are still many folders to copy, but these will have to run overnight for the next few nights. The only major outstanding task is to update the documentation for the backup strategy.

The Silver Vixen spent most of the day going through vacuum bags of clothes that had been stored away. She was delighted to find that she now fits into clothes that she thought would not see the light of day again.

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