Sunday, April 10, 2016

Start the Week

Cold but sunny start to the day. Though there is football this morning, the Gorse Fox has decided not to play as he doesn't want to risk injury before the forthcoming trip to see Beloved Aunt. He has to make sure that he maintains his boyish good looks.

The Gorse Fox has been trying to chat with Cousteau-Cub but is having trouble getting through... but will keep trying.

This week there has been a huge amount of outrage because our Prime Minister has been caught doing something entirely legal. The Gorse Fox was moved to post on Faceache:

  • Did you choose a car with a low Road Fund License? (The Gorse Fox did)
  • Have you done a booze cruise? (The Gorse Fox hasn't)
  • Do you claim the Married Couple’s Allowance? (The Gorse Fox does)
  • Did you negotiate the price of house down below a Stamp Duty threshold? (The Gorse Fox didn't... even he couldn't negotiate that far).

Well you have been avoiding Tax.

  • Do you have a company pension? (The Gorse Fox does)
  • Do you have a private pension? (The Gorse Fox doesn't)

You most probably have offshore investments, then… and must therefore be avoiding tax (according to the media).

But to complete the picture:

  • Did you ever pay a tradesman “cash in hand”?

That’s probably encouraging tax evasion!

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