Thursday, April 07, 2016


It was a quiet day. Being Thursday we were focussed on the weekly shopping (delivery) and the admin. Not very interesting, but has to be done.

Afternoon was spent in the Orangery reading the next part of "The Hut Six Story". This is becoming an absolutely riveting book. Not a thriller, but a history written by one of the people at the heart of Bletchley Park during the War. It is inspiring how these people were able to think so laterally that even when there were changes in the procedures used by the Enigma operators, the chaps at BP had got to know some of their foibles so well that they were able to guess what had happened and how to get round it. If the Gorse Fox wants a winter project he might build a software based Enigma on a pair of Raspberry Pis.... not sure why, but seems like an interesting exercise. (Why a pair? Well you need a sending and receiving station to make sure it works).

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