Friday, April 08, 2016


The phone rang.

"Hello, I'm phone from Windows Technical Support about the errors we have detected on your computer". said the voice.

The Gorse Fox chuckled to himself,

"Oh dear, that sounds worrying. Can you speak up a bit as you are quite difficult to hear"
"Sorry, is this better" she replied.
"Yes, now what were you saying?"
"We are detecting errors on your computer, are you near your computer?"
"Hold on" the Gorse Fox paused.... "Right, go ahead"
"Can you log in to your computer" she instructed.
"Which one?" asked the Gorse Fox.
"Your Windows computer" she was sounding a little nervous by now.
"Which one, I have nine computers" asked the Gorse Fox. (Not strictly truthfully as only a couple are Windows).

Click. She hung up! The Gorse Fox wonders why!

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