Thursday, April 21, 2016

Jet lag

The trouble with jet-lag is that it doesn't affect the cat that you left at home in the cattery. Yesterday, Jasper was walking all over us at five in the morning, though the Gorse Fox did manage to wait until seven before getting up. Today Jasper started around six. By seven The Silver Vixen had had enough and got up. The Gorse Fox got up a while later and the jet-lagged Silver Vixen went back to bed for a while; the week away having really caught up with her.

We met up with Urban-cub at The Old Stables for lunch. She had already done her household chores and been to the pool for a swim. She was feeling very righteous. It was nice to just sit and chat without any specific agenda. Urban-cub showed us brochures for a couple of houses that she and Pistol Pete had been viewing. Both are nice, and both have pros and cons. If they decide to proceed it will be hard to select between them. First thing first, however. They still need to complete the sale of Urban-cub's flat.

In the evening we met with the Sonning Crew. It was time for one our curry-nights and we had to celebrate a wedding anniversary. As usual, the food was excellent and the company even better. We really have struck lucky with neighbours.

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