Sunday, April 03, 2016


The new Wireless Access Point was due to arrive on Monday, but in some freak of the postal service it actually turned up yesterday whilst we were out. This meant that once the Gorse Fox had finished his football today - there some set up and configuration to complete.

Unlike the old adsl modem/router, the set-up was pretty straightforward. The Gorse Fox used his linux laptop to connect directly to the WAP and set an initial configuration to test it, then once it was proven to work, he reset it to integrate with the existing house network, fired it up, et voila! the network had been extended. It was soon sited in the Orangery and appears to be working well.

Football was fun this morning. Though the Gorse Fox was on the losing side, tat was always expected when he saw the way the teams had been selected. As a defender, though, it made the game more interesting as he was under the cosh from the very start. He did manage to score one goal, a penalty for hand-ball. He also managed to stop a certain goal with his face, but you need not fear, it did nothing to impair his boyish good looks.

On yet another topic, the Gorse Fox has been struggling with keeping the Sonos library a) attached to the Sonos, and b) up to date. The former problem was solved by the data cabling work that we completed a couple of weeks ago - well that and realising there were some limitations in the way the Western Digital NAS actually shares music. The Gorse Fox does not connect directly to the iTunes master library on the iMAC, but rather a backup of the library on the NAS. This backup was placed in a folder that the inbuilt media server couldn't service. By moving it, that problem went away. The second problem was that once moved, the backup regime for iTunes wouldn't reliably back up to the new location. The Gorse Fox spent time yesterday and this morning fiddling with all this and thinks (he stresses Thinks) he has solved that problem too.

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