Monday, April 18, 2016

Cracking day

Sunday was a cracking day. The weather was bright and sunny and the temperatures were lovely and comfortable. After breakfast at the hotel, we went for a stroll around Downtown Toronto. Early on a Sunday morning it was quiet and looked marvellous in the bright sunshine.

We grabbed the car and headed north. There is a craft shop that needed a visit. This turned out to be one of our less successful trips as the outlet in question was clearly one of their smallest stores. It didn't take us long to complete an inventory of the store and realise there was little of interest. We headed to Bayview VIllage to grab a bite and kill some time before meeting Beloved Aunt. The afternoon with BA was uneventful, but did involve a teach-in on the the use of FaceTime, which she then used to call Agent Mulder who was down in Princeton with Andrew (who was rowing in a regatta).

Late afternoon we took BA with us as we had all been invited to Casa Ross for dinner. We were made most welcome wit hor d'oevres on the deck. (It was still warm enough to to sit out in the afternoon sun). Mark managed the preparation of the steaks and the ribs which turned out beautifully. We had a wonderful meal with warm friendly conversation and lots of teasing and fun (as we would expect). It was a lovely evening and nice to feel such hospitality.

We dropped BA back at her complex, then headed back to the hotel. There was packing to be done and at a suitable hour, boarding passes to arrange for Monday. Needless to say the hotel computer and printer were not talking to each other (still, as Trevor had discovered a similar problem on Friday). The receptionist was most helpful and we soon got everything sorted.

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