Tuesday, March 29, 2016


The Gorse Fox is the proud owner of several routers. Now he should embark on some disambiguation. One of his favourite routers is a tool that, with the correct bits, will cut wood, or cut trenches into wood, or shape edges. A tool of great scope and capable of creating sawdust at an astonishing rate of knots. The Gorse Fox is not talking about this.

The Gorse Fox has been playing with an old ADSL modem/router and pressing it into service to provide some additional WiFi coverage. This is the eponymous router. It took a little fiddling about (and there's a couple of configuration features that need some refinement) but it is now working and flooding upstairs with a strong WiFi signal.

With a further wireless access point on order he will soon flood the Orangery and garden with WiFi.

Very satisfying to reuse an old device and get it working so effectively.

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scobi said...

me too! Re-purposed our old O2 router (via a mains ethernet connection) to flood our front room/upstairs. As you say, very satisfying to do it with zero cost!