Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Chaos pours

The chaos continues. There was too much going on for the Gorse Fox to get away to play football today.

The builders' maintenance operatives are crawling over the snag list. Ceilings are being repaired where the original taping had ballooned. As they have reached the family room, the Gorse Fox has repaired to the Orangery and the Silver Vixen to her sewing room. Jasper the cat doesn't know where to put himself.

Alongside this, the landscapers are making great progress. The path is now in place. The edge of the rill is in place, and the planter is now finished and has been rendered (though a further coat of render will be applied tomorrow).

The garden is beginning to take shape. It is now quite easy to see the main components and how they will sit in the space.

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