Friday, March 27, 2015

Totally Plastered

It was a bit dark by the time the Gorse Fox thought of taking the pictures last night, so the update had to wait until this morning.

The plastering is finished, and they have done a super job. Needless to say, there is a great deal of moisture in the plaster, and that needs to dry out over the next few days. Certainly it had caused a lot of condensation over night.

The Gorse Fox has opened the roof vents, and windows to allow the moisture to escape as the sun starts to hit the house.
One of the things that the Gorse Fox requested was a hatch that would give him access to the void in the roof. This was to provide access to the transformer for the lighting. Well, the plasterers didn't forget - but the "hatch" is about the size of a small letter box. This will need some intervention from the Gorse Fox in order to sort it out; it is much too small at present.

Anyway, overall they have done a splendid job. The GF always admires plasterers and what a fantastic finish they always seem apply. A real skill. One that the Gorse Fox has never acquired.

Next step is dependent on the speed of drying... either painting (which is up to the Gorse Fox), or the second fit electrics. Let's see how things work out.

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scobi said...

Really starting to see what the end result will be. Looks fantastic already, imagine it is going to be a fantastic, light room, one in which I suspect you will spend a lot of time. Nice.