Monday, March 16, 2015

Building Sites

The Silver Vixen had a friend come to visit today. The Gorse Fox was able to tuck himself away in the study and finish the conversion / update of the wider family website. He still has to start on the close family, but the main site is done and he's very happy with the look and feel.

GF also took the opportunity to go and see the lady from the developers who handles request to change the houses. (She was the one who gave us permission to build the Orangery). After seeing the success that Barney Rubble has had with his solar panels, GF wondered if it might be a sensible investment - and whether the developers would even allow it. She was a bit non-committal, but didn't rule it out. Clearly we would be the first people on the development to go ahead with an installation, if permission was forthcoming. Two previous requests came to nothing as they were from people with semi-detached houses and their neighbours objected. This should not be a problem for us. It's time now for GF to do a bit of research and to come up with a proposal.

No photos of the Orangery today - it was dark by the time the fitters left.

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