Tuesday, October 02, 2018


Very grey today and a lot cooler.

The Gorse Fox headed off for football as usual for Tuesday. There had been a tournament yesterday so the turnout wasn't huge and we only got one of the two sessions. Sides were chosen and the Gorse Fox played for the blue-bibs. He wasn't holding out a lot of hope, but actually we didn't do too badly. The first game was a sound 3-1 win. The second was hard fought draw 0-0. Then came the last game. This was clearly going to be the hardest of the lot, and so it turned out. We lost 2-0. Overall we came second out of the mini-league - so not too bad.

The phone had rung while the Gorse Fox was driving across to Worthing. It was P&O returning a call from yesterday. We had received a brochure regarding cruises and there was an opportunity to visit and tour some of their ships. That sounded like fun, so the Gorse Fox had called to make arrangements. As he was driving he couldn't really complete the booking but left it on hold for later. He has now had time to call them back and we have arranged to go and have a tour of "Aurora" and have lunch on board late in November. That should be fun.

The Gorse Fox had texted the Silver Vixen after the initial call from P&O this morning. She pointed out, when the Gorse Fox got home, that the phone number being displayed on the text was incorrect. Somehow the Gorse Fox's iPhone was sending texts and using the temporary SIM number that he had been using for 24 hours when he switched carriers last month. This turned out to be quite a fiddly conundrum. In the end he had to switch off messaging, switch off the phone, switch the SIM to another (fortunately he has an active GiffGaff SIM still); start the phone, re-register the message app's phone number and then go back round the loop and re-install his current SIM. What a faff!

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