Sunday, August 06, 2017

Well maybe not

The Gorse Fox explained yesterday how he had been contacted by a 5th cousin through the Roe family. This morning he started working through to try and understand how it all fits together. Unfortunately it turns out that it doesn't.

As the Gorse Fox traces back from his mother, grandfather, gt-grandfather and onwards he worked with fact that he knew to be correct and had clear evidence for each. As he dropped further back he checked every relationship and every source. There was 100% confidence in his data. Unfortunately the new "cousin" had clearly made a wrong assumption regarding one family. It was this assumption that linked his family to ours. The Gorse Fox has written to him to explain and will have to see what transpires.

There was no football today. We couldn't muster sufficient players to create two teams. Shame really, the Gorse Fox could really do with the work out.

As Pistol Pete was working today, Urban-Cub brought Ellie round to keep us all amused. She's a chirpy little soul.

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