Saturday, July 15, 2017

Wood and Trees

The morning started with a lie in! The Silver Vixen got up with Jasper and the Gorse Fox made the most of an extra 90 minutes in bed.

The morning was spent on hobbies. The Silver Vixen on her sewing projects and the Gorse Fox out in the workshop. The table top now has nicely rounded edges as does the under frame. A new pile of sawdust bears witness to the effectiveness of the router -vs- wood contest. Everything is now ready to test fit against the existing table's saddle... but is all a bit too heavy to do this without some help. Workshop was tidied up and locked up for the day.

The afternoon was spent deep in the branches of the family tree. For the first time in ages some progress has been made with the Silver Vixen's enigmatic (and dead) grandmother. The Gorse Fox has found her in the 1901 census, confirming much of what he knew. However, it still does not lead him to birth certificate, nor incontrovertible evidence of her parents' names. It was progress though.

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