Thursday, July 13, 2017

People who lunch

Thursday started with the usual admin and household chores. Nothing particularly exciting to mention. Once the nice driver from Ocado had delivered the week's shopping we got ready to pop out. Urban-Cub had suggested we meet for lunch. That seemed like a very genteel idea.

We pulled up at The Old Stables in Fontwell just as Urban-Cub was getting baby Ellie out of her car. Exquisite timing.

The restaurant was quiet so we were able to pick a spot where the baby buggy would not get in anyone's way and we had a bit of room to spread out. We had lovely lunch and Ellie was very well behaved - only crying for a few moments as her bottle was being prepared.

We sat and chatted for a couple of hours the Urban-Cub headed home and the Silver Vixen and Gorse Fox pottered on to one of the garden centres. The objective here was not to do with the garden, but rather to get the car cleaned. They do an excellent hand wash, dry, and wax for £6.

We left them to it for 15 minutes and wandered through the plant displays. It all looks very lush at the moment and the colours were really striking. However, we weren't really in the market for bedding plants. We did, however, pick up a lovely rose that will take pride of place in one of our pots (that held an Acer which never really took).

News from Thailand is that Cousteau-Cub's dog Bruno is unwell and will have to have daily insulin. This is a great shame as he's a handsome beast, but evidently in decline. Lots of positive thoughts going across to Cousteau-Cub right now.

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