Sunday, July 16, 2017

New Release

A car alarm split the silence of the night. By the time the Gorse Fox was conscious enough to check it - it stopped. Some time later it shrieked again. This time the Gorse Fox got up and made his way to the side window to see if it was one of our cars. As he opened the blinds the alarm stopped. Again he was unable to pinpoint the source. He went back to bed an waited for the next alarm. There was none, but he was awake and that's how it stayed for the rest of the night.

Football was fun this morning. Despite being on the wrong end of a big score, the Gorse Fox enjoyed himself as he covered every inch of the pitch attacking and defending. Very warm and very sweaty by the end of the game.

By the time he got home an email was waiting for him. It was inviting him to download the new release of the Family Tree Maker software. This was something he had been awaiting. He followed the instructions and was soon running the new release without any significant issues. The software is now installed on both laptop and desktop and the synchronisation of the information appears to be working without incident. Now he can get back to researching Pistol Pete's ancestors.

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