Friday, July 07, 2017

I see a blue floor...

and I want it painted white (to sort of paraphrase the Rolling Stones).

The Silver Vixen left early to go to see Urban-Cub and accompany her and Ellie to the surgery for her next set of immunisations. The Gorse Fox and Jasper were left to their own devices.

The Gorse Fox headed straight off to B&Q (leaving Jasper in charge). There was wood to acquire ready to build the prototype of the new dining table. Back home he got started and marked up the boards that would make the table top. Then he cut 90 biscuit slots into the boards and cut pocket holes with his jig. Slowly the boards were joined. The biscuit held them in place and level, the pocket screws held them together. No glue was involved as he want to be able to disassemble the whole thing when finished.

As he finished assembling the tabletop, Two Hats and Tinkerbell got back from their morning out. He enquired what the latest project was, and when we were going to fit the lateral joist in his garage. We agreed to do it immediately.

Moving tools and ladders into his garage we got started, having learnt our lessons last week. The first brace was up in no time and the joist was already quite firm. We started on the joist brace for the wall that separates our garages. The first hole was drilled without incident. The second was drilled without apparent incident. The third coincided exactly with the hole and bolts we had fitted last week - so needed to be moved. Soon everything was up and we started to clear away. It was then that we realised that as the drill penetrated the adjoining wall it had knocked some paint pots off a shelf. All but one survived. Unfortunately the one that didn't was almost full. Two litres of white paint spread themselves down the wall, across the floor and over some of the Gorse Fox's tools.

Not a good result. We cleaned up as best we could, but decided that the best bet was to allow it to set and then skim it off the floor.

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