Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Well the forecast was correct. The rain started about an hour before the Gorse Fox left for football and it continued until about an hour after he finished. He was soaked. In fact it was so wet he didn't even try to wear his protective glasses - they'd have been a positive handicap today.

As it happens he was asked to play up front as two of our "yellow" players were nursing injuries. He gets a bit light headed when he crosses the halfway line, but decided to risk it. The game played out well. The Gorse Fox scored his first goal within a couple of minutes of the start and we managed to get a 2-1 lead by half time. In the second half, the Gorse Fox scored again and had a handful of shots stopped by the goalkeeper. In the end we rolled out 7-1 winners. A good, though wet, morning!

Back home the afternoon was spent reading through the Parish Registers for Colaton Raleigh in Devon for the years 1718 onwards. At this point the Gorse Fox has read through about 100 pages and extracted about 90 events that could feature members of the Silver Vixen's family. Now he needs to go back and cross reference them with his files. A further 40 pages of the register are available, but he's going boss-eyed at the moment.

The Silver Vixen had her usual Pilates session this morning but stopped off at Urban-Cub's on the way back. The intention was to mind Ellie while Urban-Cub went swimming, but in the end Urban-Cub wasn't feeling well so retired to bed once the Silver Vixen was there to take charge.

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