Tuesday, July 04, 2017


It was another fabulous summer's day on the South Coast. Jasper was eager  to make the most of it and was dragging the Gorse Fox down the stairs at 06:30. The Gorse Fox is naturally an early riser, so wasn't too troubled by this.

By eight Jasper was fed and watered and out patrolling the grounds. The Gorse Fox had bacon cooking in the pan and was  about ready for the eggs to join in. The kettle was boiling ready for the Silver Vixen.

There was no queueing at the station to trouble the day, no standing on the train, no fighting to get on to the tube, no traffic jams. Today is the third anniversary of the Gorse Fox retiring from Starfleet... and he still thanks the heavens every day for his good fortune.

There were no reports to submit. There were no teleconferences. There were no objectionable (or nice) clients.

There was, however, football. The Gorse Fox headed across to Worthing and joined in the weekly shenanigans. Today had a degree of balance to it. The Gorse Fox played for the yellow-bibs and lost the first three games (though we had played very well). Then, in the second hour, he played in yellow again, and won all three games. As he said, balanced.

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