Tuesday, April 18, 2017

That's a Turn Up

Tuesday after a Bank Holiday saw a surprisingly good turn out at football. The Gorse Fox was expecting some to cry-off with sore heads having celebrated Brighton & Hove Albion's promotion to the Premiership. Yet no, all the usual crew were there and we had three games followed by a change or personnel and then three further games. The first hour saw the Gorse Fox (in Red this week) draw two games and win one. It was nice to play at the back with another experienced defender and we almost managed a complete shut out. In the second hour, again playing in red, we weren't so good. Two of the five players in the team were not very mobile and not very able on the ball. We lost all three of those games, but the Gorse Fox can at least console himself that he scored a lovely goal in the last game.

Back in the car he heard that the PM had called for a General Election. This was a surprise, but will no doubt trigger eight weeks of vitriol, bile, and intolerance as all and sundry decide to engage in "reasoned debate" by insulting each other and each other's followers. The Gorse Fox suspects he will have to stop watching TV News coverage until its all over (for the sake of his sanity).

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