Friday, April 07, 2017

Let us Spray

The Gorse Fox has loaded the paint spray gun and laid down the first primer/undercoat. It is clear that there is a skill to this. A skill that the Gorse Fox has yet to acquire.

He was smart enough to switch to his old glasses so that if they got misted it wouldn't matter - he was also careful enough to get a face mask to protect him from airborne spray. He even created a protective tent by hanging dust sheets from the garage door runners creating a cocoon round the cabinet. All very clever, but when it cam to actually laying down the paint it has proved a bit challenging and blotchy so far. He had always planned for several coats so is not too concerned as yet... but of course there's a delay whilst each coat dries.

The Gorse Fox has made use of the delay to have some lunch and to book a restaurant for a Starfleet and customers VMUG Old Gits get together. Hopefully we should be able to get a quorum on the date selected and have a good old chin-wag.

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