Monday, April 03, 2017

Gentle Progress

Monday started with a trip. The Silver Vixen and Gorse Fox headed across to Portsmouth, this was where the nearest Homebase was, which had the hinges in stock that Gorse Fox needed for the cabinet. We took the opportunity whilst there, to look in Babies R Us for the car seat fitting required for the baby's "travel system" - but they didn't have it. They were able, however, to show that it wasn't needed for occasional use and the particular seat that Urban Cub has can be fitted in the car as it is. That was good news as it took the pressure off for now.

Back home the Gorse Fox went back into the garage. A bit of sanding first, then some edging was cut for one of the shelves. Finally, the plinth was cut and fitted then the blemishes left by the nailer were filled. That was it for today - but progress was satisfactory. The Gorse Fox spent some time clearing up so that he has less clutter as he moves around in there. The pile of sawdust is becoming quite impressive.

There was still the problem of the moulding that crowns the plinth. The Gorse Fox returned to B&Q. They clearly didn't have one that matched, but sometimes these moulding can be created by matching up two mouldings that resemble different aspects of the finished item. No such luck. The Gorse Fox concluded he would have to try and form the moulding himself, so selected some suitable wood and some router bits that should (might) enable him to create the exact shape he's trying to copy. That's and exercise for another day, however.

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