Sunday, April 02, 2017


Sunday morning, so it must be football. The Gorse Fox joined up with the "lads" and we split into our usual yellows and oranges - the Gorse Fox being an orange for the day. By half time we were 4-1 down and needed a bit of a re-org for the second half. A few people were repositioned and slowly we fought back. By the end, we were 6-5 ahead. It had been a good game, though a bit busy with 7-a-side.

The Gorse Fox headed home, dropped his kit and collected the Silver Vixen, heading straight back out. We were meeting with J&T at The Gribble Inn for lunch. Though they were busy we managed to get a parking spot and our reserved table was ready for us as we arrived. Lunch was excellent as usual - everyone, except the Gorse Fox, had the roast dinner (beef or lamb) - the Gorse Fox went for the very excellent Gribble burger.

From The Gribble, we all headed across to see Urban-Cub, Pistol Pete, and baby Ellie. It was clearly time she met her great Aunt!

We spent a lovely couple of hours with them, though Ellie managed to sleep through the whole event, only waking long enough to say goodbye as we left.

It was good to hear that Urban-Cub had managed to have a video chat with Cousteau-Cub earlier. It's a shame, however, that Ellie still isn't talking and able to chat with her Aunt in Thailand.

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