Saturday, April 22, 2017


It was a bright start, though the forecast is for a drop in temperatures over the next few days. The Silver Vixen took the Jasper shift this morning so the Gorse Fox had a lie-in until eight... most refreshing.

The Gorse Fox spent the morning on a major conversion. He was converting what had been his workshop for the past few weeks, back into a garage for his car. It took a few hours and several trips to the local tip. The local tip had clearly become  the place to be. The Gorse Fox was queued back onto the dual carriageway trying to gain access. Never mind, he didn't have to wait too long and once the car was empty it was clear that progress was really being made.

As planned, the temporary work bench stacked up against the wall and much of the other accumulated detritus from the garage found its way into the second car load for the tip. The car, emptied, has now been vacuumed and put away.

Feeling rather smug; though perfectly aware it will all have to be converted back when he starts on the next project.

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