Monday, March 27, 2017

Thumb twiddling

The Gorse Fox and the Silver Vixen are distracted. Urban-Cub went into the Maternity ward at Chichester this morning. The plan is to induce labour - but that, of course, isn't an instantaneous process, so whilst everything is on track we are all still waiting for kick-off.

Meanwhile the Gorse Fox's sister can't stand the tension so has disappeared off to Spain for a few days (at least that is the assumed reason for the trip).

Covers are off. As the clocks have gone forward and the weather has been glorious (if a little chilly) today we decided it was time to take the covers off of the garden furniture. (Talk about living life on the edge). It took a while to clip all of the cable ties and release the covers but then it took even longer to try and fold these back up. The Gorse Fox had, optimistically, kept the pouches in which the cover had been sold. One look told the Gorse Fox that was a pointless exercise. Covers now folded and stowed in the garden store.

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