Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Run around

Lovely start to the day. Dry, mild, and bright. This looked like a perfect day for the football.

There was a good turnout and we had 4 teams of seven. The Gorse Fox was playing for "blues". A shaky start almost saw us conceding in the first minutes... but an immediate counter-attack saw us get the first goal. From then on we dominated in the first and second game. The Gorse Fox was pleased with his contribution - a surge from the back straight through the middle onto a loose ball and a very pleasing goal.

We lost the last game 1-0 but given the strength of the "yellows" we were pretty pleased it was only 1.

In the second hour it was a smaller 5-a-side competition with just the two teams. Again, we won the first two games - and agin the Gorse Fox scored... but again we lost the last game. It was hard work today, but good to get some exercise.

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