Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pecking Order

It was a long wait, being early afternoon before Urban-Cub and Pistol Pete were released from St Richard's and allowed to go home with Ellie.

We had a chat with Cousteau-Cub, who was very excited by the arrival of her niece. She had been talking to Pistol Pete and, at that time, was more up to date than we were. She had managed to find some champagne on the Island and celebrated in a way befitting her new "aunthood".

We did get the chance to meet with Ellie, Urban-Cub, and Pistol Pete yesterday afternoon.

The proud parents were very tired after the long and eventful night... but Ellie slept through most of our visit. She did wake, however, when the Silver Vixen held her. She clearly knew that Nana was someone to take note of. The Gorse Fox also had some quiet time with her and a chance to become best friends.

The Gorse Fox has had to explain to Jasper the cat that he has dropped down the pecking order. The arrival of baby Ellie brings a new dimension to our lives and pushes Jasper down the ladder of importance. He was not amused.

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