Monday, March 20, 2017

Old Friends - again

Today, the Gorse Fox met up with an old friend. We had been at college doing our A-levels last time we met. When we were there (46 years ago) we had been close friends and shared most of our lectures, most of our secrets, most of our concerts, and most of our pub crawls. They were interesting times! We had also played in the same football teams (and even had a trophy for our 5-a-side team's success).

We met up at the RHS gardens at Wisley. The weather was wet and windy, so we spent most of the time in the conservatory, the coffee shop, or the restaurant with only an occasional sortie into the grounds. That didn't really matter - the primary reason was to catch up on old times and old friends.

It was great fun and made the Gorse Fox realise how lucky he had been with his choices over the years. He had maintained full employment from the day he left college until the day he retired - with no breaks. His old friend had spent five more years getting his degree, his Masters, and his PhD, but had ended up swapping from job to job and spending several periods where he was unemployed. He is, however, moderately fit and healthy - and has a happy and stable family. It was fun catching up... and we have resolved to meet up again.

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