Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Run at It

After a leisurely start the Gorse Fox managed to take a bit of a run at it. He headed out to the garage and continued to work on the cabinet. The second side was glued and pinned, the face frame attached, and the top was installed, glued and pinned. The unit is finally coming together. A quick trip to B&Q saw the acquisition of some mouldings and strip wood with which to edge the frame. Some careful cutting, a little glue and more pins - that was soon done. The drawer runners are installed and the rabbets that will allow the drawers to slide are cut.

There is still a fair way to go - drawer fronts, doors, and plinth mouldings - but progress is satisfactory.

The Silver Vixen's cousin, Rick Wakeman, his wife and mother, are due to visit this afternoon, so the Gorse Fox has stopped for now and cleaned himself up.

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