Sunday, February 05, 2017

The Crew

It was a a fairly normal start to a Sunday, though the Gorse Fox's football game was 30 minutes earlier than usual. There a big junior football tournament scheduled and we needed to be out of the way before it all kicked off. Though on team of strikers, the Gorse Fox was on the losing side 7-3. Having said that, 2 of our goals were contributed by the Gorse Fox. He was pleased as they were both good goals... though disappointed that we had lost overall.

Back home and showered the Silver Vixen and the Gorse Fox met up with the Sonning Crew to wander down to the Pink Pub for a small libation. It was a pleasant couple of hours as we caught up with all the recent comings and goings and the gossip from the families. The Gorse Fox did not partake of the fine ales at his disposal. He had decided that with the exception of Jan 4th (Old Bill's birthday) he would not drink any alcohol until his own birthday towards the end of February. So it was that he nursed a Beck's Blue as the others enjoyed a tipple.

Quiet afternoon followed, in front of the TV.

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