Sunday, February 12, 2017


Chilly start to the day - but at least the Gorse Fox got up in his own time - and wasn't dragged out of bed by Jasper.

There was football this morning. A hard game of 6-a-side that ended up 8-7 to the orange bibs. Unfortunately the Gorse Fox was playing for the yellow bibs. He did manage to score a goal - but really needed a couple more to ensure the win.

Back home for a shower and a snack then the Silver Vixen retired to her study to play on her new machine and the Gorse Fox retired to his study to transcribe some more old diary entries. Unfortunately he got distracted by a niggling problem with an excel file and that wasted some of the afternoon rather unproductively. He did, however, manage to complete the documentation for the program he wrote yesterday for managing bulk edits in the blog.

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