Saturday, February 11, 2017

Out and about

There were some snow flurries this morning. Nothing significant, but it serves to remind us that February tends to be the coldest month of the year. It was also typical that the Gorse Fox had an appointment in Chichester first thing. As it happens, the Silver Vixen also wanted to pop in to a couple of shops so she wrapped up warmly and came along. The Gorse Fox dropped her and then headed on to his appointment.

You see, it all started with a phone call. "Is that the Gorse Fox? Do you still have your car?" said the voice, identifying himself as a salesman from Hendy Ford. The Gorse Fox responded in the affirmative. "Well we have a customer who really wants a car with you spec and we would be willing to give you a very good price for it - and could do a significant deal with discounts towards a replacement". So it was that the Gorse Fox thought he'd go and listen to the deal. To be fair, the price offered for his car was nearly 2K more than he was recently quoted at another dealer. They were also willing to provide a 500GBP test drive discount and an 1800GBP deposit... but the Gorse Fox would still need to replace the car (like for like). If this was going to cost a lot, this was not going to happen. The Gorse Fox made this clear. If, however, it's just a couple of K then he might consider it. He left the salesman to research and come up with a deal. He should hear early next week.

Returning to the town centre, the Gorse Fox caught up with the Silver Vixen as she raided Mothercare. Clutching various tiny clothes, we left and headed back to the sewing shop where she had started. A new sewing machine had been carefully boxed up for her. The Gorse Fox was there to pay and to carry the box to the car. (He knows his place).

Back home saw the ceremonial unboxing of the sewing machine. It also saw the realisation that they had forgotten to provide its power cable. A phone call was made. The Gorse Fox was dispatched back to Chichester to collect the cable.

The afternoon saw the Gorse Fox at the computer and the Silver Vixen at her new machine. This was interrupted by a visit from a neighbour to ask about the landscaping we had had done, and in the middle of this, the arrival of Urban-cub, Pistol Pete and the kids.

All is now quiet again, except for the distant thrumming of the sewing machine.

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