Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Another lovely day here in the South. perfect weather for our football. Usual split of yellows against oranges and at first look it appeared to be a very even distribution of skills between the teams. In the end it turned out to be a bit one-sided with The Gorse Fox's yellows running out 9-1 winners.

When he got home, the nice Mr Amazon had been and delivered a new network switch. This was on offer for their Black Friday sale and the Gorse Fox was pleased find it at 20% off. He needs to move a few things about but should be able to connect up all his devices (at present he has to switch cables back and forth).

Talking of switches, the change from Picasa to Lightroom still continues. The Gorse Fox has started to experiment with Collections and Collection Sets. These allow photos to be grouped (logically) and those groups can also be grouped. This is similar to Picasa albums, but allows nesting of the groups which is a nice feature.

The Gorse Fox has also experimented with an iPhone app called PhotoScan. This allows you to use the phone to scan old photos. It certainly does a good job, but the Gorse Fox is not sure he will use it to complete processing the current box of photos. His workflow at present uses his flatbed scanner and works just fine.

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