Thursday, November 10, 2016

Old Friends

Today the Gorse Fox and the Silver Vixen met up with an old college friend and his partner. Lord Brian and 'Mila came across from Peacehaven and we rendezvoused in LA. It is some 45 years since we last met, but we soon got back in to the swing.

We had a coffee in the East Beach Cafe and then walked along the front to the river, and then in towards the town.

We caught up with what we had happened since the last meeting (which was our last day of A-levels). Lord Brian had been a Police Officer, and a Detective until leaving the Force as a result of reorganisations and injury. Investing his lump sum in property he did well and now has a home down on the Coast and a few other properties that he lets out.

His partner, 'Mila, is a Russian freelance journalist and manages to file her stories from wherever she and Lord Brian find themselves - and they do seem to travel, almost non-stop. Lord Brian is a Spurs and England super-fan - attending almost every game, home or away. This means that he is almost always on the move from game to game - on top of this 'Mila travels back and forth to Russia via various European cities with Lord Brian in tow.

As we moved on from our walk we headed to The Oystercatcher for lunch. The outlines of the various stories started to get filled in in greater detail. It was a fascinating afternoon and it seemed a shame when we had to say goodbye and head home.

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