Saturday, September 17, 2016

Around Falmouth

Well that was a cracking day. We had a gentle start, waking when we wanted to, rather than when Jasper wanted us to. Then a leisurely breakfast and decisions about today’s activities. The Silver Vixen had seen notification of a quilting/fabric show in town. That was to be our first stop. It was a simple 10 minute walk straight along from the apartment. The Silver Vixen went in to look around and the Gorse Fox, releasing it the show wasn’t very extensive, wandered through the town until we met up again.

We explored Falmouth, looking in the various shops and restaurants and wandering along to quay to see the various boat trips that were available. By this time the sun had broken through and it was getting quite warm. Falmouth really is quite delightful.

We saw that there was a market in the square and diverted up to take a look. It was not, what you might call, extensive. In fact there were only about 5 stalls all together - and none looked particularly interesting. A coffee was next on the agenda the we headed back and diverted onto the Customs Quay. This was particularly picturesque and we spent quite a while just watching the boats go by and the world gently spin.

A pasty provided a satisfying lunch before we again headed out.

The afternoon's destination was Pendennis Castle. It was only about 20 minutes walk from the apartment and, after yesterday, the Gorse Fox was eager to leave the car and use his legs.

Pendennis Castle was a revelation. the Gorse Fox had expected a granite keep and some Tudor gun turrets. It was far more extensive than that. Though built by Henry VIII, it was still being used into the 1950s and was a battery during the war. There was so much to see and the grounds were beautifully manicured, making it a very lovely spot to wander around for an hour or two. The views from the grounds, across to St Mawes, Place, St Anthony's Head, and down towards Helford Creek were fantastic. Moored in the huge Fal estuary were some 10 tankers - sentinels at the entrance to the safe waters.

Eventually it was time to head back. We took a circuitous route that took in the headland, then back round by the cliff. It was well chosen as we seemed to be heading predominantly down hill the whole way back.

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