Monday, August 29, 2016


With the project complete, the Gorse Fox had one last task before storing the crates. He had an additional sheet of chipboard and some spare stands. This would provide an additional space on which he could walk when accessing the storage platform. This only took about 10 minutes to fit, then came the task of raising the storage boxes into the loft.

The first two crates were not too heavy and the Gorse Fox managed it without any trouble. The last box was full of books and was immovable. We emptied the box and Urban-Cub passed the contents up to the Gorse Fox, book by book. The crate was repacked and slid into position. There's still a fair bit of room on the platform, without having to consider a further level, or a further bay.

The Gorse Fox is feeling quite pleased with the solution, overall. Neat, effective, and sturdy. It also used up some spare wood for the supports.

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