Friday, August 26, 2016


With Urban-cub back home and our house being less than half the size of the old one, we have a storage challenge. This has meant that Urban-cub and The Silver Vixen have spent much of the day at various shops looking for various bits and pieces, and the Gorse Fox puzzling over storage options.

The conclusion is that the Gorse Fox will make some rails that link the roof trusses. He will then lay a platform across the rails and use said platform for storing sealed plastic boxes and vacuum bags. It seems like a sensible solution and provides quite a bit of space.

The first stage has been to build a platform on short risers that raise it above the insulation - allowing that to remain uncompressed and fully efficient. It was a hot day and it must have been 5-10C hotter in the loft. It wasn't long before the Gorse Fox was dripping. The small platform went down moderately easily and that gives him a safe and sturdy base from which he can construct the storage platform.

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