Monday, August 01, 2016

Quiet one

It was a quiet start to August. Though there was a football tournament, Arun were unable to muster a team so we weren't involved. The Gorse Fox used the time to tidy up some code (finishing off the comments and documentation). He also managed to transcribe the diary for 1988, though hasn't yet added the photos for that year.

Rain set in at lunch time - and by evening it was very heavy - in fact, if it stays like this, the Gorse Fox will not bother with football tomorrow. (He's mad, but not that mad).

One of the problems that arises as a result of all of the new garden furniture is where on earth to store all of the cushions. The Silver Vixen suggested that the Gorse Fox build a unit for the Orangery, but when measured out, it was clear that this would be big and look out of place. We then spent some time walking round, looking for alternatives. We eventually plumped on a spot at the side of the house, and the Gorse Fox spent an hour or two with Sketchup designing a suitable "cushion caddy". Design is now complete, so the Gorse Fox now needs to work out the materials list and get it ordered.

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