Sunday, August 21, 2016

Per Ardua ad Astroturf

The Gorse Fox was excited. It would be the first game of football for a couple of weeks and he needed the exercise. We had a good turn out and though his team slipped to a 4-1 deficit at one point, they clawed it back for an eventual 11-7 win. The Gorse Fox was very pleased with his game today - though the opposing goal-keeper seemed impenetrable to his advances. The Gorse Fox must have had 6 or 8 blistering shots, all on target, and all saved or scrambled away. Never mind, it was great fun.

Back home the emphasis has been on the code base again on the Mac. He removed the code installed yesterday, and re-installed Regina Rexx. That is now working perfectly. It was whilst he was searching around that he got one of those pop-up warning pages claiming to be from (or the like). It was claiming he had a virus or malware. He was immediately suspicious as it was asking him to download something to remove the malware and virus. A little bit of caution is always sensible in these cases. He closed the website in question and researched AV tools for the Mac. He has downloaded one that got a very good write-up in a reputable magazine... and that is searching through the Mac as we speak.

Why was the Gorse Fox so cautious? Well, firstly it is rare that Macs get viruses or malware (though not impossible). Secondly the website looked very like a genuine Apple site but the address bar didn't turn green as it does with certifiably genuine sites. It may have been genuine, but somehow the Gorse Fox suspects not and didn't want to download something that could, as a result, infect the system.

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