Thursday, August 11, 2016


With Urban-Cub still up in London recovering from her night at theatre, the Silver Vixen, Cousteau-Cub and the Gorse Fox had a quiet morning. Once ready, ablutions and chores complete, we headed for Chichester.

We parked at the Cattle Market then wandered along through the various shops and outlets that interested Cousteau-Cub.

Then we headed out to the far end of West Street and doubled back through the Bishop's Gardens. It was the first time we had been through there and were amazed at how nice they were and how tranquil (given that they are right in the middle of the town).

We visited the jeweller (given that there is an anniversary coming up soon) but didn't actually select anything. We may, however, have to make a return trip.

Cousteau-Cub was in and out of several of the shops, seeing lots of things that interested her, but she didn't actually buy much.  Though it was interesting to see her trying to cope with the though of shoes (as opposed to the more familiar flip-flops).

We stopped off for a coffee then wandered back through the back streets towards Little London and the Ox Market, then made our way back to the car and home (via Sainsbury's, where Cousteau-Cub managed to get some shoes).

Lovely way to spend a few hours, and once home, Urban-Cub caught up with us for an afternoon in the garden.

As he writes this, the Gorse Fox is waiting for a pork rendang with red wild rice to finish cooking. The smell is delicious - let's hope it tastes as good.

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