Tuesday, June 07, 2016


It was another hot and sunny day. Forecast was good but with strong chance of thunder storms later. The Gorse Fox was taking no chances - he took twice as much water with him for today's football. He wasn't going to chance dehydration.

The games today were hard work. Maybe the Gorse Fox was a bit slow off the mark after the last couple of days, but it took several games before he got into his stride. Recovery times being what they are, it seems that the days of being able to play two full 90 minute matches in a day are long gone. The Gorse Fox was struggling to get going for the third in three days. It was all very tight today with really nothing between the teams. This made it much more fun and competitive. Towards the end of the two hours it had clouded over and there was thunder rumbling around.

Back home the skies were still clear and there was no apparent threat from storms. In fact as the afternoon wore on the temperature just carried on heating up. We'll see if anything develops.

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